2019 Tax Deadlines

2019 Tax Deadlines

The end of tax season is approaching. With this in mind, here is a list of tax deadlines for 2019. We’ll keep this simple in order not to overwhelm you.

First & foremost, tax filings are due April 15th. If you have not gotten your information together for this year yet, you need to.

In case you need help figuring out how to get this done, you can see our tips on end of year filing here. If you need to file an extension, you can see this article here.

Assuming you have your tax filing taken care of, you’re ready to move forward.

List Of Dates To Be Aware Of:

5/31/2019: Deadline for reporting balances on IRA’s.

6/17/2019: Second-quarter estimated tax payments due.

9/16/2019: Third quarter estimated tax payments due. Also, this is the final deadline to file corporate tax returns assuming you requested an extension.

10/15/2019: Final deadline for individual tax returns who requested an extension.


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What To Do If You Missed A Date

Just file your return as quickly as possible. You’ll probably receive with a mild penalty.

If you can’t afford to pay immediately, that’s okay. The IRS will allow you to make a payment plan. All you need to do is arrange to do so.


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Need Extra Help?

That’s why we’re here. At Cash Tax & Accounting we can help you with anything from the simple to the complex.

Feel free to get in touch & we’ll see what we can do for you!


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